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" ... at full length, such entry to be made, as nearly as circumstances will admit, in the following form, to wit : " At an election held at the house of... "
History of Arizona - Stran 83
avtor: Thomas Edwin Farish - 1916
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Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery Argued and Determined ..., Količina 123

Illinois. Supreme Court - 1889 - 798 strani
...held at * * * in the county of * * * and State of 11linois on the * * * day * * * in the year * * * the following named persons received the number of...respective names for the following described offices, to-wit : (name of candidate) had (number of votes) for (title of office), (and in the same manner for...
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Congressional Serial Set, 2704. izdaja

1890 - 1270 strani
...county of Silver Jlme, m the Territory of Montana, on the jirsl day of October, 1881), the follounny named persons received the number of votes annexed to their respective names for the following offices. Name of ofiico. Names of persons voted for. No. of votes in figures. ! Number of votes received....
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