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" That each Colony provide ways and means to sink its proportion of said bills, in such manner as may be most effectual, and best adapted to the condition, circumstances, and equal mode of levying taxes in each Colony. That the proportion or quota of each... "
Journals of the Continental Congress - Stran 458
avtor: United States. Continental Congress - 1905
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The Origins of American Public Finance: Debates Over Money, Debt, and Taxes ...

Donald Stabile - 1998 - 208 strani
...of the bills ordered to be emitted." At this time, each colony's portion of the requisition was to be "determined according to the number of inhabitants, of all ages, including negroes and mulattoes." The proceeds from the requisition were to be used to retire the bills of credit. As the bills came...
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The Slaveholding Republic: An Account of the United States Government's ...

the late Don E. Fehrenbacher - 2002 - 480 strani
...determined that the responsibility for redeeming its bills of credit should be distributed among the states according to "the number of Inhabitants, of all ages, including negroes and mulattoes."18 That provision, which of course displeased southerners, illustrated the fact that in...
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