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" Citizens of either of the Contracting parties shall be forced to seek refuge or asylum in the rivers, bays, ports or dominions of the other with their Vessels, whether merchant or of War, public or private, through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates... "
Supplément au Recueil de principaux traités d'alliance, de paix, de trêve ... - Stran 767
avtor: Georg Friedrich Martens - 1828
Celotni ogled - O knjigi

British and Foreign State Papers

Great Britain. Foreign and Commonwealth Office - 1868
...rivers, bays, ports, or dominions of the other, with their vessels, on account of bad weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies, they shall be received and treated with humanity ; all requisite favour nnd protection being afforded to them for the reparation of the damages they...
Celotni ogled - O knjigi

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