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" Its merits had not escaped the notice of Dr. Johnson, though in politics opposed to much it inculcates, for in reply to an observation of Boswell in praise of the French Ana, he said, ' A few of them are good, but we have one book of that kind better... "
Boswell's Life of Johnson: Tour to the Hebrides (1773) and Journey into ... - Stran 305
avtor: James Boswell - 1887
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The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.

James Boswell - 1901
...literature." JOHNSON. " Yes, Sir ; we have no such book as Moreri's ' Dictionary.' " BOSWELL. " Their ' Ana ' are good." JOHNSON. " A few of them are good ; but...have one book of that kind better than any of them, Set den's ' Table-talk.' As to original literature, the French have a couple of tragic poets who go...
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Johnson's Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland: And Boswell's Journal ...

Samuel Johnson - 1924 - 511 strani
...— Johnson. ' Yes, sir ; we have no such book as Moreri's Dictionary.' — Bostoell. ' Their Ana. are good.' — Johnson. ' A few of them are good ;, Racine and Corneille, and one comick poet, Molifff.' — Boswell. ' They have Fenelon' — Johnson. ' Why, sir, Teltmachus is pretty well.' —...
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