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" Comus. The star that bids the shepherd fold Now the top of heaven doth hold; And the gilded car of Day His glowing axle doth allay In the steep Atlantic stream: And the slope Sun his upward beam Shoots against the dusky pole, Pacing toward the other goal... "
The Works of the British Poets: With Lives of the Authors - Stran 218
avtor: Ezekiel Sanford - 1819
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Reader's Digest Penny Pincher's Almanac: 2753 Surprising Ideas for Getting ...

Don Earnest - 2003 - 352 strani
...oil change— if your car's batten- is accessible. Some batteries are sealed and can't be checked. And the gilded car of day, His glowing axle doth allay In the steep Atlantic stream. 99 John Milton SNOWBIRD DISCOUNTS If you spend a good portion of every yeor away from your home and...
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Shelley and the Romantic Imagination: A Psychological Study

Thomas R. Frosch - 2007 - 359 strani
...Dionysian seducer Comus, who goes on to say that now that the folding star "the top of Heav'n doth hold," the "gilded Car of Day / His glowing Axle doth allay / In the steep Atlantic stream" (93-97). The apex of Venus is the drowning nadir of the sun; now is the time for the enchanter's revels...
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